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I know I did not invent the lollercoaster, I dunno who did, but here is my one.
tag list: coaster lol lollecoaster rollercoaste
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31.08.2007 12:04
by  Dragonphase

i know what the .jsc means on the end of your name:

Jeremy (i dont know) Clarke... am i right?
31.08.2007 12:16
by  gecko.jsc

31.08.2007 12:17
by  Dragonphase

oh no... i hate it when people say yer.... whats the difference of YES?
31.08.2007 12:18
by  Dragonphase

and have you ever seen the cartoon Dragonball Z?
31.08.2007 12:47
by  gecko.jsc

yer! lol. I saw a bit of it, but I dont like it that much. There are too many japaneze manga art
american voiced wierd cartoons around at the moment.
31.08.2007 16:59
by  cfive

One time I was LOLlerskating along the track of 
a LOLercoaster when a ROFLcopter came and dropped me an
LOLadder. Then I proceeded to climb the LOLadder, but
the LOLadder broke and I fell into the LOLercoaster car.
AND That's how I got a free ride! =)
31.08.2007 18:17
by  gecko.jsc

cfive you should make a movie about that! It would be cool.
31.08.2007 20:39
by  Ponky

ye.. i agree with EVERYTHING..!
31.08.2007 22:00
by  mcinnis

I have a PQR in the D&D
04.09.2007 07:59
by  Bluesboyjr

If you're interested, I could get you all some nice comfy straight-jackets. I think they'd
suit you.
04.09.2007 08:08
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

Who misspelled rollercoaster into  rollercoaste?
No wait.
Dumb British people.
04.09.2007 11:16
by  gecko.jsc

That was me trying to type fast.

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