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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
One-Click Kahmeahmeah Blast
tag list: magic oneclick game
In favorites of: cfive Flup Zeus guy
30.08.2007 19:50
by  Dragonphase

i fixed the last one and it copied it so theres two... plz comment on this one... not the previous
one :P :)
30.08.2007 20:14
by  gecko.jsc

31.08.2007 10:24
by  rtnario

=O The anime Hadouken! ^^ DBoy, you make really awesome covers. 5. =D
31.08.2007 20:38
by  Ponky

02.09.2007 16:22
by  Dragonphase

awesome covers?
02.09.2007 16:22
by  Dragonphase

can sum1 tell us how you put them on your phone?
02.09.2007 18:06
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

Head here:
03.09.2007 12:34
by  Dragonphase

yes but HOW do i convert to gif and HOW do i put it in rar and HOW do i put it to my phone????
03.09.2007 14:39
by  fire_hurts

DB, all you have to do is convert it (it's best if the animation is looped). RAR is unnecessary
for this. Now, you need a software to put it to your phone (dw no wires are needed). I can't
remember the software I used and I can't find it. What this software does is, it puts the gif
on mobile internet at a specific mobile site. The software will give you the URL. You go onto your
mobile Internet and enter in your URL for your file. I believe you will be prompted to as with if
you want to download this image. Just say  yes. After a while you will have  your file on your,
though it varies where the phone stores it. (You do not need a phone with a camera to DL) Hope this
helps ;)
04.09.2007 10:50
by  Flup

07.09.2007 14:54
by  rtnario

Covers = Remaking/Inspiration from old ASCIImations. 
So far, you've covered 12 ASCIImations and those range from the following:

FIREWORKS RULE = Firework Launcher + PRO (2 Versions, by rtnario)
Kahmeahmeah blast Series = Hadouken! Series (4 Versions, by rtnario)
A Beautiful Day = As The Day Goes By... (1 Version, by rtnario)
Stand and Deliver = stand and deliver (1 Version, by doomstrawberry)
Another Just F***ing = Just F****ing (4 Versions, by karaboz)

Oddly enough, more than half came from me, and I wonder why ^^ (sarcasm~!)
Then again, you've made your own achievements, specially any ASCII of yours that involves
lightning. It's your trademark in this site. =D
So, good work, keep it up!
09.09.2007 13:31
by  Dragonphase

Thanks rtnario, it seems to karaboz that i "kept it up" cos i am golden now...now i know
what cover means... btw what is hadouken?
09.09.2007 16:59
by  karaboz

Lightning was cover of Lightning Bolt by shaggy (=

Yeah, I am agree with you, Divinity Boy makes excellent covers (=

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