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I'm opening a town contest!
1. You make a place like this (a small/big town, a village, etc)
2. Anybody may ask the creator of the place to join, in this case, he MAY add him to his village as a cameo. Just say the details.
3. You must make a introduction before the final one, for people to give cameo entries.
4. The most crowded village will be the main village of ASCII, others will be the minor ones.
tag list: major bs
In favorites of: cfive
27.08.2007 15:13
by  asiekierka

BTW: For my sign-ups, you must put your contact or get one.
AIM/ICQ/MSN/YIM/GTalk accepted. AIM/MSN/GTalk recommended.
27.08.2007 15:13
by  cfive

So my stick figure would need a reason to be there?
27.08.2007 15:14
by  asiekierka

No... it's just the creator of the place's decide. I may
put you, but only WITH your duck.
27.08.2007 15:15
by  asiekierka

BTW: I decided it, for example, rtnario will join for free,
since i like him.
27.08.2007 15:17
by  asiekierka

And also you must accept the sign-up thing up there. Maybe
Karaboz will make something like, a map for this ;) Or an
online chat client.
28.08.2007 01:26
by  cfive

I still don't understand... any other explanation?
28.08.2007 01:30
by  cfive

I'm kind of getting it, but what are we supposed to make?
12.02.2008 13:49
by  Ponky

i dont get it at all an have i mentioned you are really cool Asie..??

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