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The letters of chips62 start the wrong way round, as 26spihc and then become chips62.
tag list: contest:self promotion minimalistic
In favorites of: cfive
24.08.2007 20:39
by  origamiguy

24.08.2007 20:52
by  chips62

It says it reverses the letters and it does. What don't you
understand? Um, why has it got a tag with lots of "e"s?
24.08.2007 21:03
by  Bluesboyjr

Could Karaboz delete that tag, because on my internet
browser (AOL), it makes the window too wide. The same
applies to Divinity boy's comment.
25.08.2007 05:11
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

25.08.2007 11:22
by  Dragonphase

i deleted my comment
25.08.2007 11:23
by  Dragonphase

°.O    LOL a wonky face... 0.°
26.08.2007 19:13
by  chips62

Who put crap as a tag? It hasn't got anything to do with 
crap, and it isn't crap because it's been rated as 4.
27.08.2007 02:37
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

oh yeah.  56k n00b.
27.08.2007 02:39
by  fire_hurts

56? What do you mean?
27.08.2007 03:55
by  cfive

56k Is an internet connection. I think it's dial-up.
27.08.2007 18:42
by  fire_hurts

You mean 56kbps or 56 kilobytes per second. This isn't a
connection, but instead a speed of a connection. In other
words, 56kb of data are transfered per second (whether it
be in text or pictures, etc.) Yes, usually dial-up can go
56kbps. ;)
30.08.2007 17:10
by  chips62

Did ddgc put crap as a tag? And why did he say 56k n00b?
11.10.2007 13:53
by  Flup

I suggest increasing the framerate and turning off the loop.

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