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v. 1.0 (beta)
A nice piece of ASCII-3D.
tag list: 3d cube
In favorites of: cfive
21.08.2007 07:25
by  karaboz

i think something wrond with the fourth position of the
cube.. (= may be it would be better to stay only three
positions and let the cube to rotate from right to left and
vice versa
21.08.2007 11:36
by  mrazerty

The fourth position kinda sucks because some of the corners
are about 22.5 degrees and that's hard to make in ascii.
21.08.2007 20:32
by  karaboz

yeah, i understood this problem very much, but i think
sometimes we should follow these restrictions of ASCII and
try to make something which neglects these restrictions...
I mean in your case if you make the cube without full
rotation (because it's hard in ASCII) but apologize for
this in your asciimation you win (=
22.08.2007 14:04
by  cfive

But, there are no restrictions in ascii, except your

\   (")   /

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