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Thanks so much Flup, you're the best *winks at flup*
i love this avatar, and if it werent for flup i'd still be Ponky's brother... i am his half broher now...
tag list: contest:self promotion
12.08.2007 23:30
by  cfive

Why are people thanking Flup for their new manikins?
13.08.2007 06:43
by  asiekierka

Custom symbol list xD
13.08.2007 10:18
by  Ponky

no.. i banish you from the family.. non-half-brother..
13.08.2007 12:25
by  Dragonphase

i looked better without ponky's head anyway... lol
24.08.2007 11:43
by  Dragonphase

Sounds like harry potter... "no.. i banish you from the
family.. non-half-brother.." sirius black was thrown out
of the Black family...
11.10.2007 14:04
by  Flup

hehe..see this ascii:http://asciimator.net/?module=demo&user_id=335&clip_id=3690

(BTW, I'm probably going to add more symbols.)

t's gonna be a pain in the neck to paste in the symbols repetitively, though =\

but..is that a gemstone stuck on your forehead?

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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