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Noitce the word play with space invador.. avoider.. And by the way the names such as rubble and asteriod at the bottom simply mean how fast the objects can move.. such as Asteroid x2 means that asteroids can move 2 places a frame max.. and the score is recorded at the bottem.. so if you keep all lives.. (very hard) you will have 219 at the end.. although i doubt you will since it is extremely hard.. i am planning to make more levels soon although dont get angry if i do not have time to.. and i also have other asciimations to do..! Post your score if you wish but if you havent done to well dont worry.. i havent maxed the score yet.. :D
tag list: game
In favorites of: Ascimator cfive
10.08.2007 20:26
by  Ponky

Maxed it now.. lol.. :D
10.08.2007 20:53
by  Dragonphase

what do you do?
10.08.2007 21:10
by  Ponky

dodge the rocks.. lol..
10.08.2007 21:12
by  Draconis

thats 3x73=219
10.08.2007 21:26
by  cfive

Dodge with the cursor?
11.08.2007 20:33
by  Ponky

ye u dodge with the cursor lol..
18.11.2007 07:39
by  Tyr

hehe cool Idea I like it, I'm 5ing it
18.11.2007 07:40
by  Tyr

you should open source it so people can help add levels and stuff
18.11.2007 19:16
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

Did you know that if you press the button named player, you can copy the frame using copy+paste.
After you do the first frame, press -> and copy the second frame.

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