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Here's my entry!
tag list: ascii art asciimator contest:ampro splash
10.08.2007 22:53
by  karaboz

11.08.2007 16:36
by  Dragonphase

what is it with you and ducks?!?
12.08.2007 04:01
by  cfive

Gather round kids! it's story time!
Well, long, long ago in a magical fairy land... er I
Way back when I was still green/ a n00b I created the
duck ascii, LO AND BEHOLD I had earlier read that ducks
were the animal that draws the most humo(u)r! AND LO AND
BEHOLD, I had recently read a webcomic called "neglected
mario characters", and one of the stories had a
but after part one, it got completely different with way
more plot, SO LO AND BE-HOLD, I was already going to do
another duck ascii and I decided that making something
that started the same but was almost HUMOROUSLY different
would be the way to go. The duck series became my claim
to fame and has been the staple of my asciimating ever
THE END, kiddies! Now, who wants milk and cookies?!

man, i should write a biography. Anyway, I hope that
answers your question! =)
10.02.2016 20:28
by  Gameinsky

Does this count as a duckroll?

Also, how did I never notice this one before.

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