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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
My first endless one-click game. Inspiration from fire_hurts' "Jump!"
See how many jumps you can make until you get tired/bored. ^^
tag list: oneclick game
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09.08.2007 19:32
by  karaboz

rtnario! bravissimo! very good! (=
09.08.2007 19:39
by  Speggy

31.08.2007 16:37
by  brutto

awesome!! its rather-rather-rather good xD
21.03.2008 18:32
by  asiekierka


Without music for now, also previewing my little GBA ASCIImation engine :)
21.03.2008 18:34
by  asiekierka

rtnario, can i publish it to more people? I'm using your asciimation (part of it), so i
don't want to publish it to more people until you give me permission (and i'll get music
for it)
21.03.2008 22:07
by  cfive

Wait? So, you've ported asciimator to GBA???
22.03.2008 02:40
by  rtnario

22.03.2008 09:24
by  asiekierka

cfive: I have a "playing engine of sorts". Not an editor yet, it just reads lines of
characters along with help of a "line/frame" list.
rtnario: I made the programming in a single day. My PC is broken though so you may not see the music
very soon. Good news: i have a song already.
22.03.2008 09:28
by  asiekierka

The engine is easy to modify, I plan to make it easier before releasing of the source code though.
22.03.2008 13:57
by  fire_hurts

Is it an online thing or eventually a download port for the GBA?
23.03.2008 03:37
by  rtnario

Good point. Mebeh you can work with DBoy to make a Flash collaboration, as well as polish the GBA
version you're making now. ^^
23.03.2008 14:26
by  fire_hurts

So this is a homebrew for the GBA?
29.07.2008 15:51
by  origamiguy

would someone please come up with a beta asciimator DS homebrew? I'm about to get my flashcart
and so it would be cool. plus its been on the forum for months.
29.07.2008 17:48
by  fire_hurts

Making  homebrews are a lot harder than you'd expect. It would take a while if it ever did
19.11.2010 22:43
by  Gameinsky

keep clicking very fast for overly hyperactive child.

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