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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
my first ever 1 ms/frame ascii that has someone walking at normal speed in it
tag list: optical tecno
In favorites of: cfive
06.08.2007 09:22
by  Ponky

im sorry my asciis haven't been up to their usual standards
lately but i havent had much time.. i will resume to my
normal status probably later this week due to me being
very.. VERY..! Busy..
06.08.2007 13:25
by  rtnario

I'm busy most of the time...maybe next summer I'll
completely come back, but while I have other things to deal
with...I'll leave it at that.

Nice use of fast FPS, blink and warp effects. Good enough
for a 5.
06.08.2007 20:06
by  karaboz

Okay! good idea to illusrate the crowd of quick people on
the background, like in some music clips (=
06.08.2007 20:07
by  karaboz

oh no! rtnario! no!!!
06.08.2007 20:12
by  Ponky

no wat..?
06.08.2007 20:19
by  karaboz

i was trying to demonstrate rtnario that he will hirt me if
leave ASCIImator for YEAR!! (the next summer will happen
after the whole YEAR!)... I mean this year he can get
married, become too rich, desided to sell guns, everything
can happens!
06.08.2007 20:19
by  Ponky

lol ok..
07.08.2007 09:31
by  rtnario

...what the heck are you thinking karaboz? XD
"get married, become too rich, desided to sell guns,
can happens!" XD

1. Sorry, but that's what school does. T_T
2. I'm just a bit older than Ponky. But still 14.
Therefore, why the heck would I do any of that XDDD

But of course I'll try to slip in some ASCIImations when I
have free time! Besides, you have Ponky over there and DDGC,
who'll soon take over my 2nd place spot, and will keep you
busy with great ASCIImations, I assure you. ;)

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