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I added A_siekierka and Karaboz

Need to know Brutto's... Need to know fire_hurts

when i know them new updates will come
tag list: asciimator
04.08.2007 22:37
by  Ponky

divinity boy please get your own head.. it is an obvisous
copy of mine.. adn you have left me out wen i am fourth on
the site.. i am insulted twice..
04.08.2007 22:47
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

you double-posted.
05.08.2007 01:27
by  karaboz

he wanted to emphesize 'insulted twice' (=
05.08.2007 01:42
by  Draconis

oh and one question am I getting chased by the duck? oh and
ponky lol
05.08.2007 01:44
by  karaboz

i think brutto looks like him:
/ \
05.08.2007 01:46
by  karaboz

and don't forget that flup is a girl, she must look like
/ \
05.08.2007 07:49
by  asiekierka

Some errors:
1. I look like THIS:
/ \
2. d b are headphones... not EARS.
05.08.2007 08:07
by  Flup

I don't mind if I don't look like that ^
also, brutto is a robot
05.08.2007 09:18
by  Ponky

hey arent we taking about how divinity boy copied me..!
05.08.2007 09:19
by  Ponky

and btw how come your on the update wen your only red and im
not wen im doing much better than you.. sorry to boast but i
have to prove my point..
05.08.2007 14:00
by  Dragonphase

looks like ears to me... hello? can you hear me?!?
05.08.2007 14:01
by  Dragonphase

i have your head?!? ponkey... i love this hea i have it on m
avaar, can u change urs plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
05.08.2007 14:04
by  Dragonphase

now that i now i suddenl "stole" your head when i DID'NT
know what it looked like, cos i am using it... ... ... am i
making sense?
05.08.2007 14:05
by  Dragonphase

i did nt know what you looked like so i didnt put you in, so
how COULD i have stole ur hea?!?
05.08.2007 19:51
by  asiekierka

yes i can...
but they are headphones... ears are smaller in 99% of
I couldn't make it an near-exact clone of Basshunter's,
 / \
will be just too big.
 / \
Bleh. ugly.
So i stayed with
/ \

Ponky stole from supernova a bit...
...so Divinity Boy could stole from supernova, not Ponky
08.08.2007 22:29
by  Dragonphase

what did ponky steal from supanova? the ears: 
' '... '-'... 'v'
09.08.2007 10:50
by  Ponky

im sorry. THERE NOT EARS THERE EYES.. and anyway  what else
could i have..? `v` or *v* that would be silly.. many
people have copied little things but my perosn looks
nuthing like supernova.. and enyway you can't say i wrong
for stealing the body.. BECAUSE MANY PEOPLE HAVE THAT
BODY.. so EVERYONE is stealing then..
10.08.2007 12:45
by  Dragonphase

im not i have a ! in my body... =)*ehem* *bull----* wha-?!!


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