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Pure Revenge.. ):D
By the way.. you dont kill him.. you just push him into the room.. i kill him.. ):D
tag list: ascii 08 asciimator çåíèò ÷åìïèîí guns kill omg you killed karaboz
28.07.2007 20:22
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

Initiations last for ONE DAY PONKY!!!  and I look like
/ \
28.07.2007 20:25
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

Also, I can kill YOU faster!
28.07.2007 21:06
by  karaboz

i'd shift all frames one step to the right (yes, and i
agree - it's not real ddgc - not even his clone) hehe (=
28.07.2007 22:40
by  Draconis

and ddgc's involves more pain

oh and Congratulations Ponky for getting golden
29.07.2007 07:16
by  asiekierka

#34 finished! Ponky, beat me now!
29.07.2007 09:25
by  Ponky

oh soz i looked at some of your recent ascimations and
thought yought you looked like that.. i will rename it so
it's not ddgc but *whoever killed me last..* lol and the
*@* represents that it could be enyone.. :D
29.07.2007 23:57
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

could you rename the button?
30.07.2007 07:44
by  Ponky

oh lol ye soz.. :D
12.08.2007 04:04
by  cfive

Yeah, congrats Ponky! That's the fastest I've seen anyone
become golden! =)
12.08.2007 04:12
by  rtnario

What's the dot on top? An apple? That's what he was
supposed to shoot, maybe XD and btw cfive, I object to
I know at least one person who got golden the quickest, and
won't mention who. It's up to you to figure out. ;)
18.08.2007 00:30
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

And I turned golden in the same amount of time =)
18.08.2007 00:46
by  fire_hurts

rtnario, it was you! According to the Way Back Machine, you
were golden within a little over a week. :)
18.08.2007 01:57
by  cfive

Poor karaboz, he's number one on the site but he can't
become golden! lol! =) BUT, he can ban EVERY SINGLE ONE OF
18.08.2007 02:55
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

he's technically on the golden list...
30.06.2011 11:47
by  AweAndWonder

He IS on the golden list.

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