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Asie vs. 3 GOLDENators!
tag list: ascii 08 asciimator fighting kill
In favorites of: cfive Computergeek93
28.07.2007 08:31
by  rtnario

O_O That's not me...that's a stunt actor with a headband.
I promote peace~!

-non of my ASCIImations had a single manikin getting hurt
or dying. Beat that. XD-
28.07.2007 08:37
by  asiekierka

... None of my asciimations had a single manikin getting
hurt or dying. They were all my clones.
28.07.2007 08:38
by  asiekierka

Holographic clones... so they were NOT manikins. They were
just images of manikins made using ASCIImotion capture
28.07.2007 08:47
by  rtnario

Yeahsurewhatever. As I said before, "rtnario: The fact is
people don't know this. They could easily see what I
see.". It counts. ^_^
28.07.2007 10:08
by  Ponky

i kill many manikins.. i deserve it.. although none of my
troops.. i mean clones.. i mean citizens.. would use a gun
like that.. :D (p.s. i loved all the asciimation except for
where i died..)
28.07.2007 10:21
by  asiekierka

It's all because you are GOLDEN. If you were red, you will
not be there.
28.07.2007 17:09
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

I don't care.  I'm thinking of a way for a Ponky
28.07.2007 17:16
by  asiekierka

I'm thinking of a way for a Anti-Ponky celebration.
May use s/Ponky/GOLDEN
12.08.2007 23:35
by  cfive

I think Asie should be golden! =)
07.12.2007 14:28
by  Computergeek93


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