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A plasma rifle. The firing charge on top activates the plasma jolt. The two barrels rotate so that the bottom one can refill. The gun can only fire if both barrels are filled or set on a quick mode. The quick mode means that the loaded barrel fires while the other one stays empty.
tag list: $asciigun
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19.07.2007 07:02
by  Ponky

nice.. only problem is you can't have 2 of 'em and
they're slow firing.. :S
19.07.2007 09:26
by  brutto

such slow firing have a reason of plazma shot warm barrel
and rifle lost it aimness, so it need to be cool off =)))
19.07.2007 18:35
by  Draconis

and to reload
20.07.2007 04:09
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

And those dots aren't the plasma.  That's the coolant for
the jolt.  The plasma is fired through the external firing
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