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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
A fantastic manikin forming robot.. I'm going to begin work on the V2 very soon..
And by the way, i have now made a promise to comment on athe ASCIImation you desire (write it at the end of your comment) if you comment on this ASCIImation..
It's a one time offer so comment now..!
And by the way it's $8.35 in selected stores..
tag list: ascii 08 contest:robot story transformer
In favorites of: cfive
03.07.2007 20:05
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

All you need is a price tag and you will be competing with
Number 5, Number 8, and the starbots xD.
No, I don't need a comment request.
04.07.2007 07:18
by  Ponky

Oh urrm it's $8.35
04.07.2007 09:16
by  asiekierka

Starobots not starbots!
God. My had more functionality and costed $5 LESS!
Starobot V1 can be got in selected stores, as the
whitepaper (plan of it) was leaked... :(

Starobot 2 WIP. Ideas.
04.07.2007 20:38
by  Ponky

Ah yes but this is the v1, my v2 will be much better..
16.07.2007 23:47
by  cfive

GOOD SIR! Here is your $8.35! Since I am a renaisance
buissiness man, I shall barter this money for the desirable
16.07.2007 23:47
by  cfive

p.s. would you comment on this? =)

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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