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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
Asie-Robot revision 2. Starobot. Robot with a radio, Bluetooth, IrDA, Telnet and HTTP remote control support, aerogravitity while still, possibility of laser-teleporting itself or anything else, Voice emulation system, 8GB hard disk integrated (7GB is took by Linux, servers and the voice system), projecting video/photos, USB connection, flying capabilities, possibility to connect to any SETI@HOME server, 4 quad-core processors (16x4ghz = 64ghz!!!), 4GB of RAM, RSS feed support, free space in it for 1 stickman to enter and local-control it, possibility of programming, external ($10) AI system availble, can use power from sun, wind, water and battery... and maybe something else. All for just $3.99 (except external AI system)!
tag list: ascii 08 contest:robot creature
02.07.2007 00:29
by  karaboz

ааааа!!! ha-ha!! (= lot of fun (=
02.07.2007 00:31
by  karaboz

and very nice done (=
02.07.2007 07:09
by  asiekierka

Just... buy it. Really cheap. More functions than Number 5
and Number 8, for less money :O
02.07.2007 07:10
by  asiekierka

Oh, it also has a sweeper, a time machine, and _ARMS_.
03.07.2007 01:24
by  karaboz

how long will it work? And do you have any guarantee? (=
03.07.2007 06:36
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

P.S. there is no use of advertising something if you don't
show it in your asciimation.  I did not see RSS feed
support during your demonstration.
03.07.2007 10:15
by  asiekierka

Okay! It was a list for v. 2 :( I just mistaked lists.
03.07.2007 10:16
by  asiekierka

And you can't show processor speed or RAM speed in
asciimation :D Except... oh well..
03.07.2007 10:18
by  asiekierka

Oh, karaboz, just screw this version up. It is out of sale.
Only 10 copies were made really due to bankrupt... :(
03.07.2007 10:50
by  asiekierka

V.2 will work... well. I guarantee it will work for 10 years
flawlessly. Then you will need to buy a new battery or it
may crash unexpected.
03.07.2007 19:51
by  Ponky

Wow can i pre-order a v3 or v4, i bet they'll be the
03.07.2007 20:55
by  Bluesboyjr

I don't care what it does, as long as you can play Tetris
on it.

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