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Possible idea for a contest.
tag list: contest:random stuff
23.06.2007 15:44
by  Bluesboyjr

This started off as a try to create something random, but
then I thought: "How about a contest, kind of like the
Asciimator Battle thing, except you continue it with
completely random ideas which make no sense, and try to
make it funny?"

Do you think this is a good idea, or are there too many
contests on at the moment?
23.06.2007 16:06
by  Draconis

I like the Idea try posting it in the forum
19.10.2007 16:52
by  Bluesboyjr

I think this is the only one of my asciis that hasn't been rated.
20.11.2007 23:15
by  Bluesboyjr

I say that it hasn't been rated, and some raving lunatic >cough<CrazyHobo>cough<
rates it 1!!!
21.11.2007 05:48
by  CrazyHoboIsADumbass


21.11.2007 05:49
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

And this is proof that i hacked into CHobo's account.
21.11.2007 13:08
by  Bluesboyjr

Hooray! And 5/5 as well. I wouldn't have cared if you'd just made it 3/5.
And your reward is:
22.11.2007 06:02
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

I have a tendency to hate people that say DDGC instead if ddgc (is everyone blind?)
but it's in shout form so okay.
22.11.2007 15:25
by  cfive

Does the very use of the spelling of DDGC fill you with hatred and angst this very moment???
22.11.2007 19:08
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

I have basically accepted it now CFive.
02.03.2008 09:23
by  Bluesboyjr

w00t acceptance!
And ratings get w00t too!

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                         ( o o )
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