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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
Fixed version to be part of clock contest
tag list: contest:clock
19.06.2007 01:43
by  karaboz

OhZombies! I edit a little your clock and publicate under
this version in order to satisfy the clock gear (all
transitions must consist of equal frames) and...

I was shocked looking what was made, incredible really
SNAKE clock! congratulations!
19.06.2007 22:09
by  OhZombies

thanks, but I did not know you could change asciimations...
but I suppose since your a developer you can.
19.06.2007 22:30
by  karaboz

sorry if i had disturbed your privacy.... but asciimated
clock contest has sence only if me (developer) can change
something in proposed asciimation (if nessesary) because
the clock engine needs very strict form of asciimation and
somebody can find the rules hard to understand or to

So it would be a pity if somebody's clock can't take part
in contest due to several wrong frames...
20.06.2007 22:52
by  OhZombies


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