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lightning strikes box
tag list: explosion lightning
12.06.2007 20:59
by  carmel

Wow. That does look a lot like lightning! Great job! :)
13.06.2007 01:29
by  shaggy

thanks it is the first one i really worked on with out
copying my friend
13.06.2007 16:06
by  chris45654

His friend Chris45654 lol
13.06.2007 17:04
by  shaggy

of course
13.06.2007 22:16
by  karaboz

it's was VERY coool!

but i think you'd make a good oneclick game, just stop
your movie at the end and let to click again and enjoy it.

or another way is to make endless destroying of the blocks,
just let them appear again and again in some interesting

p.s. maybe the second desision would be more expressive
p.p.s very accurate pause between the block appearence and
lighting effect!

p.p.p.s chris ciao! how are you?!
14.06.2007 14:26
by  shaggy

im planning to make another animation with lightning soon
ill keep in mind what you said

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