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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
basic rules - simple in use =)
tag list: tutorial
In favorites of: cfive
24.03.2007 01:05
by  cfive

Hey! Another ascii lesson!
24.03.2007 01:23
by  cfive

Hmm... There should be an asciimator wiki!
24.03.2007 02:43
by  fire_hurts

actually cfive, there is... sorta. its the ascii art wiki.
if scroll down long enough you'll see "animated ascii
art" (you'll know because karaboz's moth and hand
animation is there). that wiki was actually how i found
asciimator. it used to have a link to the site. =)

oh, here's the url:
27.03.2007 02:05
by  karaboz

I think cfive meant not orthodox wiki, but some kind of
asciimated art wiki (= am I right? And it's great idea (=
(We have so much ideas last time!)

p.s. By the way, wiki removed direct link on ASCIImator.net
some time before. They argued agains external links at all!
(I think they got crazy - all of them). And it's a pity
because ASCIImator has very small numbers of exterior links
27.03.2007 02:57
by  cfive

Yes, karaboz is right about the wiki.
27.03.2007 21:59
by  fire_hurts

oh, ok. i understand now. wikipedia has been going a little
wierd with letting anyone edit an unprotected page. we
should make one =)
16.05.2007 00:46
by  _guest

Mabye we should get some one to use wikia's hosting...
25.09.2007 19:49
by  cfive

30.09.2007 23:05
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

agreeing with mail2345, the more external links, the better.
*everyone find some way to advertise this website*
21.06.2010 13:35
by  Credit

i like doing shameless bumps
10.07.2011 19:13
by  AweAndWonder

Oh, actually, I came here from a link from http://www.wikihow.com/Create-ASCII-Art
when I was doing some research on ASCII art for fun.
Oh, and the asciimator.net link on that Wikipedia page is back!  :)
So, that's 2 external links that I know of.
...well if you don't include facebook that is.
11.07.2011 08:17
by  sepehrnoor

When I discovered ROFLcopter, I watched and watched and watched videos about ROFLcopter and ASCII
animations, and finally I discovered they are called "ASCIImations". I searched for
ROFLcopter ASCIImation and found this website. And dumb me, I thought you only upload ASCII's
into this website. I converted some ASCII's into gif and used them as mobile wallpapers and
screensavers (I still have karaboz's running animation as WP and gecko's first ASCIImation
as screensaver (since last year!!!)
Then I realized everyone can make ASCIImations here, so I joined.
11.07.2011 08:29
by  Gameinsky

ow, nice story :)

My story is less awesome, Gecko thaught one of the BL (a site where you make levels) members about
ASCIImator, he didn't hesitate to make a topic about it, I joined and had lots of fun making
That's my story :P

comment by  guest:
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