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please make this an online toy it is called a whelare pronounced whale-are
tag list: creature
19.02.2007 01:50
by  karaboz

Yes! It's very cool idea! We could create total ascii zoo
with different creatures by different authors and then
make some statistics whoes creature more popular (for
being killed - haha!)

so my Padawan, I liked your creature but I think you could
make it a little bit better (look how I remaked it in next
asciimation: I added more phisics realism and looped it)
19.02.2007 01:54
by  guitarking96

ok thanks
19.02.2007 02:10
by  fire_hurts

oh btw karaboz, hows that 'zoo' animation coming along? im
looking forward to seeing it. =)
19.02.2007 02:11
by  guitarking96

me too!
19.02.2007 02:14
by  guitarking96

btw can i be in the new animation that you are making if you
are making the sequel to cast of asciimator?
my asciimation is guitarboy it is in you asciimation for
the game show that has the guy the one that you said you
are making the first one in
19.02.2007 02:16
by  fire_hurts

um... i can't understand your last sentence... but right
now i don't know if i will make another (im still
debating... takes a while for me to make a decision)
19.02.2007 02:17
by  guitarking96

ok but if you are this is the guy i meen
  / \
19.02.2007 02:34
by  karaboz

fire_hurts, guitarking96 wants to be animated by you as I
understood, am I right?. (= You know, fire_hurts,
guitarking96 wants so much at one time! It's incredible!
but I don't say I don't like this (=
19.02.2007 02:35
by  guitarking96

i love animating though!
19.02.2007 02:47
by  fire_hurts

lol, yeah he is aiming high =)))
19.02.2007 02:47
by  guitarking96

yes i am but please dont make fun
19.02.2007 02:52
by  fire_hurts

im not, that is a good thing =)
19.02.2007 02:55
by  guitarking96

ok thanks =)  (=

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