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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
try yourself as operator of this pocket ascii plant
tag list: blowzy oneclick game plant social toy
In favorites of: Bionicbeetle
18.02.2007 21:34
by  guitarking96

put a loop to it and it will be awsome. btw, can you please
make me a golden member
19.02.2007 10:44
by  karaboz

no, i am not agree with you. the concept was to leed
everybody to feel themselvs workers on this pocket ascii
plant (=
19.02.2007 13:12
by  fire_hurts

i bekieve we had the most animations in one day yesterday,
we had like 21. =)))
19.02.2007 15:55
by  karaboz

really! yesterday was something unbelivable! (=
19.02.2007 20:04
by  fire_hurts

YAY!!! ASCII2GIF is up!! im using it already! its awesome.
good job =)))
20.02.2007 02:57
by  cfive

Cool ascii.
20.02.2007 03:36
by  karaboz

thank you, fire_hurts!
i am just going to make announcment letter ...
20.02.2007 22:16
by  fire_hurts

yeah, do you know any free .gif file optimizers; im trying
to find a way to get my ascii down to 7,000 bytes. i've
googled it already. any help? =))
21.02.2007 00:09
by  karaboz

i am afraid i am not Jedi in gif animations (= One thing i
know a little is Image Ready. Several minutes ago i tried
to optimize (with the nearest quality) the asciimation
above and the result was the next:
before - 15.0 kB
aftter - 13.6 kB
(it's about 9% of reduction)
21.02.2007 00:10
by  karaboz

Oh sorry, you asked about free optimizers... =(
21.02.2007 00:19
by  fire_hurts

yeah i went from 32kb to 24kb... still too big
21.02.2007 02:15
by  karaboz

Show me asciimation you are talking about...
21.02.2007 14:56
by  fire_hurts

its an animation i made for an istant messenger, its frame
size was 4x4 and it had 200+ frames. i used an onilne
optimizer but it still was big.
21.02.2007 15:50
by  karaboz

but... could you please show mw this animation... or it
wan't created here on ASCIImator.net? (i have one idea and
want to test it)
21.02.2007 16:58
by  karaboz

fire_hurts! thank you for focusing on this problem, we found
how to optimize our ASCII2GIG converter! now it creates gifs
with smaller size!

Now it drops duplicating frames, so if asciimation has many
repeating frames it would be much lighter!

p.s. For example I tested my asciimation "One solution -
revolution" and the result is the next:

before: 155kB
after: 88.5 kB 

p.p.s In any case please give me your animation!
21.02.2007 18:23
by  fire_hurts

so sorry for not showing you the url, so here it is:
21.02.2007 21:40
by  karaboz

I tried to optimized this asciimation via ImageReady and
set the most bad quality (2 colors). And unfortunately the
result is not suitable... Look: 

before: 31.8 kB
after: 18.23 kB

I tried even to make your asciimation 4x1 size (one line)
and the rsult is not more better:

before: 27 kB
after: 13.82 kB

So, I assume if you need not more 7 kB you should make your
asciimation 2 times shorter. This is only the one way I
think... =(
21.02.2007 21:43
by  fire_hurts

thanks for your help =)... i think try to make another buddy
icon... this time shorter.
22.02.2007 12:53
by  rtnario

...Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! -pick- -place- -pick- -place- -pick-...

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