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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
This is like the car game where each person makes up the next part of the story. I started something and someone else has to make up the next part. Then someone else continues that and so on and so on. The ascii is open source, so anyone can add to it. There are some rules:

1. No editing over someone elses' addition.

2. No porn.

3. You can go back and fix what you made.

4. You can make as many additions as you want. (But there has to have been at least one other edit after yours.)

5. No profanity. (Typing "wtf" is ok")

6. Use programs like javE if you want.

7. Don't change the font, font size, color of anything, frame size or framerate.

7. HAVE FUN *omgwtfbbqcliche*

Special thanks to:(http://www.network-science.de/ascii/)
for their ascii text generator, karaboz for creating the ASCIImator logo and fire_hurts for comparing this to a car game.
(Just think, if this gets big enough, it could be its own sequel XD)
tag list: ascii 08 contest:sequel
06.02.2007 13:11
by  brutto

hey!! whatta you doing 500+ frames asciimation for
neverendingmovie? %D
i think that it was shorter.... wow!
but nice... ))))
07.02.2007 02:07
by  cfive

I didn't mean for it to have that much frames. That's just
how it worked out for the opening. I think you would
probably do really good making the next part.
08.02.2007 04:07
by  karaboz

Cfive! sorry for keeping silence all this time but i was
really confused (= You made interesting and complex
asciimation and idea with "car game" is brilliant...
but... you made VERY long and VERY big size asciimation to
continue it with the interest that might be if asciimation
is not so big and complex(=

I ague to continue it by yourself and offer us something
simpler: with less frame size...

Maybe we could bring the idea of random asciimation (which
fire_hurts and rtnario supported some time ago?)
09.02.2007 02:34
by  cfive

I have an idea. I could completley restart and turn what is
here now into something else. Tell me what you think about
09.02.2007 02:38
by  cfive

I do agree, though. The large frame size is kind of
difficult to work with.

P.S. What do you mean by "random asciimation"?
09.02.2007 13:14
by  karaboz

i collected some asciimation for you (tags -> for cfive):

to demonstrate what i meant by "random asciimations"
09.02.2007 15:14
by  cfive

I see. Thanks =)
22.08.2007 15:55
by  cfive

I know what I must do! This will become duck 4!
01.11.2007 01:01
by  cfive

I would like this to restart.
25.08.2009 19:36
by  Bionicbeetle

Seriously, what happened to this?
It looked so Epic!! D:
27.08.2011 12:23
by  Gameinsky

I second that.
Also, C5 accidentally broke rule 2.
Blame meebo and his over-censorisation for me knowing that.

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