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Part three. Tell me if I can improve
I can improve this. I need feedback
tag list: comics
01.11.2006 23:43
by  karaboz

different effects are nice:
(talking duck, tv narrator)

but i'd make more free spaces around some captions for
better reading (maybe).

p.s. plus i was awaiting the clock would tick-tack a little
01.11.2006 23:46
by  karaboz

and please! pass registration to recieve your personal
account with your nick name! (you have made many
asciimations already)
07.11.2006 23:03
by  cfive

I registered like you said.
08.11.2006 02:21
by  karaboz

Nice to see you among other asciimator authors! Now
everybody can see how hard are you working on your "Duck"
series and personalize you. (= It's a really good sequel.

Please, look now in your profile page and tell me did I
attach all your asciimations to your profile or something
09.11.2006 01:05
by  cfive

There was one called DUCK that wasn't mine, but the rest

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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