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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
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30.07.2017 04:25
by  Gameinsky

surprised this hasn't been done before, quite well done as well!
01.08.2017 12:48
by  Renoise

Thanks, I think I might make it into a playable ascii game eventually :)
08.08.2017 09:50
by  Gameinsky

Quite a lot have tried making ASCIIgames, not noone have ever finished one.
21.08.2017 12:06
by  Renoise

Ok you gave me the necessary nudge, I have created a tiny ascii game based on my ascii animation


NOTE: It is a zipped .exe file, there is no way around it.
22.08.2017 10:53
by  Gameinsky

Good, job! But why is it so fast?
23.08.2017 07:42
by  Renoise

Eh, is it? Its my first console application, I am unsure how to setup the timing/speed correctly. It
runs just fine here on my work PC. Will look into it.
04.09.2017 17:22
by  LethalChicky000

Hey, I like the ASCIImation you made and I played the game you made, it's super fun for how
simple it is.
05.09.2017 06:28
by  Renoise

Hey, thanks! I still have trouble getting the game to play at the right speed on any PC, seems to
work right only on mine. Where are the DOS days when I just installed my own timer interrupt
08.09.2017 15:34
by  Gameinsky

Ah I see, I don't have any eperion in timers so I can't help you

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