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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
ASCIImated-Part 4
tag list: guns manikin pc game
28.07.2006 00:45
by  karaboz

wandeful! nice blaster effect! i haven't seen it yet! (=
28.07.2006 00:49
by  Anachronism

if you want to see my complete series so far, go to:
28.07.2006 02:21
by  karaboz

wow! good! thanks! i want to make a link to your website.
don't you mind?.... (=

p.s. were looking through your asciimations i suddenly
recognized one little problem with export into JavaScript
player... hmm... i fixed it long time ago... i
for some reason ASCIImator offered old version of exporting
into the Player... (and it caused not good looking in
FireFox browser)

now i fixed this bug and you better re-exporting your
asciimations for your web site!!! (additionally i added
titles to the buttons in order to understand their
functions easier)


sorry for this bug and thanks for help to catch it!
28.07.2006 02:30
by  Anachronism

Thanks. You can have a link to my website. Also, I will
re-host my animations with the exception of #3 because I
had a problem with saving it and I couldn't save it to
Asciimator. However I (obviously) managed to get it on my
site before losing it on ASCIImator and I can fix the other
28.07.2006 02:31
by  Anachronism

err...nevermnd. apparently it did save. odd...
28.07.2006 08:31
by  guest

i like his lieing =)

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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