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So, "Am3.0 is crap (ASCIImator 3.0 is crap)" is a series where I take a bunch of ASCIImator 3.0 asciimations that got borked up, and I just fix them using this simple method that I found out, and then, if needed, change the framerate and colors for a more pleasant viewing experience.

Basically what I'm saying is that when you publish an ASCIImation through Am3.0, it either breaks and will forever fail to load, it breaks and will forever be stuck at the loading screen, or it will successfully get published. Only, you may notice some things about the few Am3.0 ASCIIs there are: they make no cognitive sense, and there are a heck-ton of "n"s.

What the "n"s mean is that ASCIImator 3.0 can't properly register the Enter key. And what I mean by THAT is that for each time the creator of the ASCII typed Enter for a new line, it made the new line into an "n" upon publishing for some reason.* Which, of course, turns your freshly ASCIImated goodness into a line (or more) of n-poop. So thank goodness Asie deleted THAT version of ASCIImator!

But now we have all these lines of n-poop. Which is why I shall fix that by... FIXING THE ASCIIMATIONS! Yeah! If anyone else wants to do that by taking a 3.0 ASCII, turning any suspicious-looking "n"s into new lines, and changing the color or framerate if needed, then that will be great! ^u^

When I removed all the "n"s from "Alone?" I realized that it was pretty hilarious, in a dark, Space Odyssey-esque kind of way. I feel like the nameless protagonist, who was only mentioned by the inferred computer, must have wanted to find friends in space, but the computer became sentient and only wanted to be with his master, so he killed the other guy... wait, wth, that sounds kind of yandere-like and intimate... ok, then, that's enough analysis! Have fun watching this, and please watch the original. Wait, why did I say that???

*EDIT: OK, GIS has found out the answer to why Am3.0 had been doing this. His theory is that when the creator added the code that let ASCIImator transfer the ASCIImation to the website for viewing, they accidentally put in the code that Am3.0 would turn a new line into "n" instead of "'\n'." "\n" is the ascii symbol for a new line. Since the creator forgot to add a backslash to the "'n'," Am3.0 took any published ASCIImation and turned any new lines into the letter "'n'."

The original "Alone?" ASCIImation is here: http://asciimator.net/asciimation/10164
Any non-series Am3.0 is crap ASCIIs will be tagged "asciimator 3 is crap"
The Am3.0 is crap series will be tagged "series:am3 is crap" to differentiate from the non-series ASCIIs.
tag list: series:am3 is crap

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