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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
1. To take/edit the asciimation, click on @ near by to the title,
2. After editing, save it with the "make an open source box CHECKED.
3. Don't make the asciimation looped, don't edit previous frames.
4. Leave these tips in comments of your version of animation.
5. Tag your version with contest:asciimators battle.
6. Try to come up with original content (for example, don't overdo morphing)

So how does make ASCIImation that doesn't feel like a serious letdown compared to AweAndWonders entry?
We use the GIS. He pulls it of in 30 minutes.

Also, you can't run FROM HEAVEN.
tag list: contest:asciimators battle
23.12.2014 16:54
by  MentosMintMania

You guys animate TinMantis, I'm out of ideas!
23.12.2014 17:03
by  MentosMintMania

I am only claiming credit for the last two battles (the ones with me in them).  Also, the name
23.12.2014 17:28
by  Gameinsky

erm, wrong version.
Build of this one:
23.12.2014 17:36
by  MentosMintMania

Oh thx
06.01.2015 09:35
by  MyO

Would you like me to append your part to the most recent ASCIImation, and continue after you? =)
06.01.2015 14:08
by  MentosMintMania

Sounds great!
But please improve my walking animation, i suck at that.
06.01.2015 15:41
by  Gameinsky

I would suggest not branching away from the biggest chain of ASCIIbattle (the one I linked a few
posts ago)
but that would mean MyO does two consecutive turns...
It is also a rule to not change other people's segments.
If you want a decent walking animation try this simple one:
/ \
  / \
08.01.2015 10:21
by  MyO

I will append Mentos animation, and include mine part, all in a single part. Going next. =)

comment by  guest:
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