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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)

1. No story line whatsoever. No talking; no narrating.

2. Words, numbers, stick figures, etc. may be allowed only when they are used for aesthetic purposes (for cool-looking effects... or secret messages) --but not to create a story.

3. Have some sort of balance. In other words, don't do most of your animating in a tiny square. It can symmetrical but doesn't have to be . Also, make sure to use multiple frames when appropriate.

4. Additions must flow smoothly with previous entries. This is part of the challenge.

5. Save as open source and tag the video "The Abstract Challenge"

6. Don't edit previous entries, change the frame-rate (20 ms per frame), etc.

7. Be original. :) The more creative, the better.

Inside the mechanical thing :P

And, duuuuuuude. Red + green + blue = rainbow = white??? Whoooooa...

Also I do this repeating blinking thing a lot. Like, a LOT. Next one I do, I won't do this, I promise. :P

Also, please start a new animation from the last frame. This super long animation (which is totally my fault :P ) is becoming really buggy for me. Plus I might have made a mistake in the circuit animation, and I don't know if I'll have to go back to fix it... yeah...
tag list: abstract challenge full episode the abstract challenge
03.07.2014 22:57
by  Gameinsky

tagged it, and interesting circuit thingy!
04.07.2014 03:43
by  AweAndWonder

Thanks! ^_^
04.07.2014 17:18
by  sepehrnoor

Happy golden btw :D
04.07.2014 17:20
by  sepehrnoor

I'll do the next one :)
04.07.2014 17:29
by  AweAndWonder

Thanks! :D  Happy golden to you too!
Good to have ya back!

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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