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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)

1. No story line whatsoever. No talking; no narrating.

2. Words, numbers, stick figures, etc. may be allowed only when they are used for aesthetic purposes (for cool-looking effects... or secret messages) --but not to create a story.

3. Have some sort of balance. In other words, don't do most of your animating in a tiny square. It can symmetrical but doesn't have to be . Also, make sure to use multiple frames when appropriate.

4. Additions must flow smoothly with previous entries. This is part of the challenge.

5. Save as open source and tag the video "The Abstract Challenge"

6. Don't edit previous entries, change the frame-rate (20 ms per frame), etc.

7. Be original. :) The more creative, the better.

I'm so sorry I'm so late!!! I got carried away with this one. Also I'm a perfectionist, so that doesn't help. And I found a color bug, where colors like #ff0fff don't work, so I had to compromise. :/ I'll have to fix those frames later when I make that screensaver. Also it'd be nice if there was an easier way to layer two big loops on top of each other, like "mass layering". And Firefox decided to crash on me a couple times so that wasn't fun... :/

tag list: the abstract challenge
27.06.2014 19:35
by  Gameinsky

AweAndWonder does it again, and thens he wonders why she is golden. eheheheh.
27.06.2014 22:42
by  AweAndWonder

haha XD
28.06.2014 13:49
by  CTDSThree

Yay! It's back in business!
28.06.2014 13:50
by  CTDSThree

well, now that my main peeve is solved, i may as well go next and ruin everyone's good time :D
28.06.2014 13:52
by  CTDSThree

plus, that is a MASS load of frames...
28.06.2014 14:38
by  Gameinsky

makes the next part, but still holding onto his ASCIIbattle entry, eh.

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