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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
This is a collab ascii where people add to a story. One thing though: you only have space for 100 characters! Rules:

1. no framerate changing! no changing size either: that's the point!
2: You can add as many frames as you need.
3: You can put pictures, just make sure they are 1 char. tall. You can substitute heads for stickmen.
4: It can be random, but also must flow with the plot. There's a fine line between the two terms.
5: Make the open source box CHECKED!
6: Originality is smiled upon in this contest.
7: Tag it: "contest: 100c. story"
tag list: contest: 100c. story
10.05.2014 19:39
by  CTDSThree

What does anyone think of this?
10.05.2014 19:40
by  asiekierka

Not enough mation.
10.05.2014 19:47
by  CTDSThree

Fine, I "mation"ed it.

Also, the point is story, not fancy animation.
There can be ASCII pics, though they have to be one character high.
10.05.2014 19:53
by  Gameinsky

I think this limits the whole ASCIImating part of it too much, hence not something i'd take
part in :/

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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