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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
1. To take asciimation, click on @ near by to the title
2. After editing, save it with the 'Open Source' flag checked on
3. Don't make the asciimation looped, don't edit previous frames
4. Clean all garbage after your battle, leave only your stickman
5. Leave these tips in comments of your version of animation
6. Tag your version with contest:asciimators battle
7. Try to come up with original content i.e. don't overdo morphing

Jetpacks can be dangerous.
tag list: contest:asciimators battle
11.05.2013 00:17
by  CTDSThree

Somebody must g next
16.05.2013 13:42
by  CTDSThree

Continue this. NOW. Or I will have to make an ad on Abstract challenge. I really will do that. Also,
you must eat my cheese for a week. *Jk.* Asciimator. Tokyo. Drawer. Goldfinch. Bread. Television...
16.05.2013 20:02
by  MyO

Somebody needs an anti-randomness injection. ;) I am next.
17.05.2013 14:42
by  CTDSThree

:D. You killed T-kats creator D:*DUCKS*
17.05.2013 14:51
by  MyO

I. Do. Not. Kill.
He was teleported to The Abstract half of the asciiroid.

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                         ( o o )
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