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I know I've pretty much left ASCIImator completely now, but I did this working in the Minecraft mod ComputerCraft, and I couldn't not tell you guys.

Basically, I decided to try to make a RPG using ComputerCraft that 3 players could play. Of course, ComputerCraft being completely text-based, I instantly thought of ASCIImator for the characters (You guys are pretty much ingrained into my brain forever!) The result is this.
Just note that the enemies you face in game were pretty active when *I* used ASCIImator, and have all probably left by now. (I know Ponky and Cfive have, anyway.)

Also I don't know who PLAYER 3 is supposed to be. Some random guy I made up.

INGAME SCREENSHOT: http://db.tt/Gqw1UvHN
DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAM: http://pastebin.com/ZyyD55Bm
(Program is currently in alpha stage. Some assembly required. I will not be responsible for any crashes or glitches that occur to your ComputerCraft PC, nor will I be responsible if rouge RPG stats take over the world somehow.)

.. I wonder if anyone remembers me?
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27.01.2013 23:31
by  Neon-J

inb4 someone claims my account's been hacked or something
29.01.2013 15:49
by  Gameinsky

sounds cool, I'm not a minecraft owner though which is a bit sad :/
29.01.2013 16:39
by  Zeus guy

Looks interesting, but you could have done it with advanced computers to make it look more like
asciimator, but it's cool anyways

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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