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Watch the video to see what tamagotchi is, then answer the quiz.


Which is NOT a real tamagotchi?
a. Mametchi
b. Chomametchi
c. Sumametchi
d. Young Mametchi
tag list: contest:tamagotchi lila sumametchi tamagotchi
11.07.2006 08:50
by  brutto

i dont understand the quiz, 
but i answer `C.` =)))
11.07.2006 22:36
by  karaboz

japanfanatic! is it your art? (=
are you really from jApAn?
12.07.2006 00:25
by  japanfanatic

No!!! I am only obsessed with Japan. ;)
Oh yah let me explain the quiz. Your tamagotchi grows into
different tamagotchis depending on how you take care of it.
Mimitchi is a very healthy character and is pretty famous.
Also we ordered a Tama V3 today. YAAAY!
21.10.2006 11:11
by  Flup

Owww. My eyes hurt after watching that >_<
08.09.2007 12:59
by  Dragonphase

i have a tama v1, 2, 3, 4, and i made a tama myself with good stuff because i was bored... my v1 was
screwed so i used parts of that in my V5 (the 1 i made)

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